Amazon Treasure Truck hand picks the newest, trendiest or delicious items & than just drive around your town, park at particular location for you to snatch some of these special offers

When it’s an offer day, you can find Treasure Truck at or in the free Amazon app

Then tap the yellow button to find where they will be that day. Pick a location that works for you, and finish checking out. Then, meet them at your selected time and place to get the goods!

The very best way to find out about offers is to sign up for text message notifications. Simply text “TRUCK” to 24193 and you will be notified about each and every new offer. You can always text “STOP” to cancel.

You can also get in-app notifications from the free Amazon app by visiting the main menu of the Amazon app, tapping “Settings,” then “Notifications,” and then enabling “Treasure Truck Offers.”

See what’s on the truck TODAY!

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